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Atalaya s/n

35509 - Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, España

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Known as "the islands of eternal spring", the Canary Islands enjoy a fantastic climate: sun and average temperatures of around 16º C in the winter and 25º C in the summer.

Lanzarote is distinct from everything, not only from the islands surrounding it, but also from the rest of the planet. Its extraordinary landscape seems to be from another world, and as it has been affirmed, it seems as though this island has not yet reached the 7th day of creation. In some ways that is the case; like the other islands of the archipelago, it has volcanic origins. However, in this case the volcanoes made their fury felt quite recently in the XVII and XIX centuries, when great volcanic eruptions occurred, which destroyed some 200 km2 and left the island burnt and covered in ashes. In any case, sometimes beautiful, sometimes moving, those who have seen these landscapes will never forget them. Additionally, enjoy the best beaches of Lanzarote.