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Area de exposición Toledo | Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa
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Exhibition Area

Concilios de Toledo s/n

45005 - Toledo, Spain.

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Hall and Lobby

More than 5.000 square metres of our hotel are multifunctional spaces where you can celebrate exhibitions or install stands for fairs. The main hall of the hotel is an adequate place to host major events, both exhibitions and product presentations or any other activity you would need.

Meeting rooms at Beatriz

What would you do with an open space of 1.500 m2?

Our completely reformed saloons are establishing a completely unique open space, without columns and without any factor which would impede the visibility. This environment can be transformed to realize all kinds of demonstrations, fairs, exhibitions, press conferences, vehicle presentations, tastings or all kind of social events.

Moreover, within all of these multifunctional places we can offer coffee service, to enjoy a coffee while you interact with the clients or suppliers.

You only imagine it, we make it happen.