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We do it all!  In a single day.

To get married at a hotel has became trendy again. Each day more couples trust at hotels to celebrate a perfect wedding. By choosing a hotel to celebrate your matrimonial bond it is fully guaranteed that you will be able to provide all kinds of luxury and commodities.

Part of the perks of celebrating your wedding at Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa are the spacious places available at the open air. Imagine your civil ceremony in our pagodas surrounded by the nature, or your welcome cocktail at the terraces and gardens, or at the pool’s enclosure between palms and olives and with precious views to Toledo. A real bliss 


  • Experience and quality.
  • It is the preferred alternative for many couples, above all because of the convenience and the organization.
  • We offer you an integral service; we take care of the decoration, of the music, of the reception of the guests, of the security and of the logistics of the event.
  • It does not matter which season of the year, we are always prepared for all kinds of events.
  • Unlimited number of guests.
  • Guarantee of saloon “Plan B”. If you reserve outdoor spaces, there will be always an interior saloon reserved to guarantee your event. 
  • Unlimited time; the party ends when you want it without any added extra costs.
  • All of our personnel (chefs, maitres, waiters) has years of experience at our hotel.
  • We provide a parking lot for 650 vehicles. 
  • Excellently situated, easily located and direct access from the highway.
  • Accommodation for all guests at a special rate, thus, having the opportunity to enjoy a weekend by visiting Toledo and its monuments, or relax at our fantastic Spa.

…and when the party ends you only need take an elevator to arrive to the room, where surely some other gift is waiting for you…

In facilities and services and experience ¡There is no one better!


Bodas y Banquetes en Toledo - Beatriz Hoteles

Special Weddings 2018

Anticipate the reservation of your wedding reception in Toledo for 2018, and benefit from these advantages. 

  • Special menus with special rates
  • Wedding present: a prenuptial program for 2 at our Spa
  • Your honeymoon as a present at any of our hotels in Lanzarote or Albacete, from 4 to 6 nights.
Ceremonia de boda en Toledo | Hotel Beatriz Toledo


If you have a civil wedding, you can choose to realize the ceremony outdoors or in the interior, here everything is possible.

If you wish to have a ceremony surrounded by the nature by taking advantage of a marvellous sunset, at Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa we propose various emplacements, all very different.

Terraza en Toledo | Hotel Beatriz Toledo

Cocktail Area

A private enclosure, spacious terraces and manicured/well-kept gardens will receive your guests with a welcome cocktail, it will be a luxury which you can allow to yourself, and a pleasant surprise to your guests. 

We offer 4 different environments to enjoy your cocktail outdoors and surrounded by the nature: Besides the pool or at the Manila Bar, with impressive palms, at the high terrace of the hotel enjoying an incredible sunset or at the marvellous terraces of the restaurants, the Alacena and the Romana, with impressive views to Toledo.

Bodas al aire libre en Toledo | Hotel Beatriz Toledo

Outdoor Weddings

Enjoying an outdoor wedding is the dream of any couples, above all if you celebrate during spring or summer. Do not give up on it if that is what you want, because at our facilities we will make it happen.

The Alacena’s Terrace, a reception with view! Our terrace offers exoticism and magic for the summer nights. This multifunctional and exclusive place, to realize all kinds of events, has became one of the references at celebrating a wedding reception due to its excellent gastronomy and for its spectacular views of Toledo.

Salones de boda Toledo | Hotel Beatriz Toledo

Banquet Halls

Unique events

Would you believe that 2.100 people could fit into an open room, without columns, for a sit-down gala dinner? Anything is possible... Thanks to our modular system which makes it possible to design any type of combination you need. 

Celebrate your wedding at an interior saloon is a great success, since you benefit from all the commodities it includes: the air conditioning, the intimacy and the exclusivity. Moreover, after the reception you can enjoy the dance and the open bar at the same saloon, one more convenience to your guests. Choose this concept which allows you to lengthen the party as your wish.

Servicios de catering Toledo | Hotel Beatriz Toledo


All your life you have been dreaming about celebrating your wedding at a particular place, at the family’s estate, at an emblematic or simple place, but surely you need catering service, leave it in our hands. We offer an experienced, highly qualified team of professionals, and the most up-to-date means and facilities to achieve the complete success of your wedding. 

Let yourself be seduced by our spaces and fall in love. Los lavaderos de Rojas, Palacio de Galiana, Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes, Campo de Golf (Layos)...



If we exceed in something and we are distinguished within Toledo, it is due to our excellent gastronomy. ¡Insuperable! Besides the quality you will find an infinite variety of Wedding Menus with which we will satisfy your demands, since we design together with you your menu at your liking, and according to your presupposition.

Anticipate the reservation of your wedding reception in Toledo for 2017/2018(??), and benefit from these offers.


Presupuesto para bodas - Beatriz Toledo


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