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La Romana in Beatriz Hoteles

Gastronomic in Beatriz Hoteles

Food lovers will discover that Beatriz Hoteles is the perfect place to enjoy a delightful dining experience. Our hotels provide a wealth of culinary options within a welcoming and unforgettable setting.
With restaurants serving specialities or with a buffet format, bars next to the pool, tasty breakfasts and gourmet cuisine, you can find a world of possibilities to indulge on at our bars and restaurants at Beatriz Hoteles. They are yours to discover!

La Romana Beatriz Hoteles

La Romana

The Restaurant Buffet La Romana, with the capacity of 270 guests, is highlighted throughout the year by its magnificent buffet, at Saturday nights and during Sunday afternoons, where you will be able to taste all kinds of products in a comfortable atmosphere.
This enclosure is made up from 2 different spaces, the Cafetería La Romana which offers an uninterrupted, daily service of 17 hours and a spacious place dedicated to the serving with the capacity of 270 fellow diners. The La Romana restaurant offers gastronomic services all day long.
The breakfast
The Romana opens its doors at 7.30 am to offer a succulent and energetic breakfast-buffet.
From the menu
From Sunday till Saturday afternoon a menu service is offered where you can taste a modern cuisine, but with traditional roots, besides the pizzas, hamburgers and combined plates.
Moreover it offers Menu of the Day consisting of 3 starters, 3 main courses and dessert.
At Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons you will find a unique buffet in Toledo, of insuperable quality and variety with first-class product selection.
Terrace with view to Toledo
This restaurant offers a magnificent terrace which is opened all year long. During the festive season you can enjoy the breakfast services outside, or the appetizers and snacks together with tapas. And for the nights at the Terrace, it is impregnated by Chill-out atmosphere with music to enjoy a drink till the dawn.
Additionally at this place you will find a recreational area and a playground with slides and adventure for the smaller ones...