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The Congress Palace - Meeting Rooms in Hotel Beatriz Albacete & Spa

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The Congress Palace - Meeting Rooms Hotel Beatriz Albacete & Spa

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The congress palace - meeting rooms Hotel Beatriz Albacete & Spa

The Congress Palace - Meeting Rooms

The Congress Palace of Albacete, consists of 3 auditorium halls, moreover, of a multipurpose meeting room, a press room and lobby.

All these rooms are connecting through internal television which makes it possible to follow the reunions from each saloon. The Congress Palace of Albacete has WIFI throughout the enclosure.

It is the major hall of the Congress Palace, it can be found on the ground floor together with the main lobby. In its design dark lumbers were chosen to hide the walls, together with an intense blue roof with broken lines which surprises the spectators at their entrance.

From the same lobby the Toledo hall is accessed, it is one of the most versatile ones. It houses 526 armchairs, and it is especially suitable for medium sized congresses and reunions; being one of the most demanded halls for its flexibility.A system of closure by means of a curtain allows the reduction of the hall to 300 armchairs. It features simultaneous translation booths, a press box and offers 2 offices for holding business committees.

The Ciudad Real Hall is located on the 3rd floor of the Congress Palace.
Its capacity is of 120 persons and it is acoustically designed for live performances. Within the hall you can enjoy a perfect sound of chamber music, even though as the rest of the saloons, it is a multipurpose hall which can be used for all kind of purposes.

The Multipurpose meeting room is an impressive space which can be found on the building’s 3rd floor.

The Press room can be found on the building’s 2nd floor. This room is designed to facilitate the work of the media; therefore, it features equipment which guaranties the complete technical assistance above all for the print media.
Due its reduced dimensions this room is optimal to be used as technical secretary or as a small council room.

The Main Lobby of the building, has a size of more than 600 square metres and a height of 6 metres, allowing the direct access to the building’s two principal halls, to the Albacete Hall and to theToledo Hall.