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INITIUM Hydrothermal Circuit | Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa

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INITIUM Hydrothermal Circuit Wellness Center in Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa

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Initium hydrothermal circuit Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa Lanzarote

INITIUM Hydrothermal Circuit

Spa is a health facility which offers treatments, therapies or relaxing systems, using as main base the water. There is no certain origin of the word “Spa”, some attribute it to the Belgian town, Spa, which was known at the Roman age for its baths, while others speculate that it comes from the Latin acronym of the phrase “salus per aquam”, meaning, “health through water”.
Our circuit consists of a dynamic tour of 2 hours through a hydrothermal pool with jets, waterfalls, swan necks, micro-bubble beds, Jacuzzi, as well as sauna, Turkish bath and contrast showers.