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Treatments and Programs Wellness Center in Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditórium & Spa

Hotel Beatriz Toledo Auditórium & Spa treatments and programmes

Treatments and programs hotel beatriz toledo auditórium & spa

Treatments and Programs

We propose a sensory journey to achieve your well-being at Toledo. All of our therapies will open a wide spectrum of benefits: beauty, relaxation, vitality, rejuvenation...
The professional team of Beatriz Spa in Toledo will advise at achieving the best result effectively and within a short time. They will design a specialized program which will be adapted to match your needs and goals.
The perfect balance of our mind, body and soul takes us to a state of well-being which we are all looking for. To reach this balance we need to eliminate the constant tension and the haste we are living in.
Our programmes are focused on those who are looking for an “island of relaxation” within the Imperial City of Toledo; with treatment packs oriented at the care, well-being and beauty. It includes the preparation or recovery for sports.
To guarantee your well-being it is essential to make an appointment.