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Albacete emerges as a fantastic proposition with a great variety of landscapes to explore combined with popular traditions, welcoming and warm people and natural spots with the utmost charm. These natural spaces transform Albacete into a stand-alone destination. The list of natural attractions to visit around the province of Albacete seems almost endless with sites such as the Calar del Río Mundo, the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Parks, the Hoz del Júcar and the Valle del Cabriel. However, it is not just this diverse landscape that guests of this region can expect to find during their stay in Albacete. The city boasts a richness that be felt by strolling through the Carretas neighbourhood or by wandering through the local markets such as Los Invasores. Whilst the surrounding towns await with a plethora of art exhibitions, local fairs and important monuments. The towns of Almansa, Hellín, Alcalá del Júcar, Alcaraz, Chinchilla de Montearagón, Letur and Villarrobledo feature the typical cobbled streets associated with the rich heritage of Albacete. Discover the history, nature and culture which awaits you during your visit to Albacete with Beatriz Hoteles.

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With the Hotel Beatriz Albacete & Spa you can enjoy high quality accommodation in Albacete. Boasting an excellent location next to the City of Albacete’s Convention Centre, this 4-star hotel allows travellers to get to grips with the lively ...

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