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Spa treatments Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa Lanzarote

Spa Treatments

Prepare yourself to enjoy the health and beauty sessions which we offer you at Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa in Lanzarote.
Enter into a world of well-being and harmony between the body and mind. We offer at your reach a great selection of cosmetic and corporal treatments. Ask for advice from our team of professionals who will advise you and adjust the treatments to your necessities.
Indulge your body with rich textures and aromas which will transport you to distant worlds full of sensations and evasion, and discover the latest developments of treatments and high cosmetics at our Spa & Wellness Centre.
At Hotel Beatriz Playa & Spa we adapt the programme according to your needs to achieve wellness and to feel good.
With a luxurious accommodation at Hotel Beatriz Costa & Spa, we will take care of your body, of your mind and you will achieve the true well-being.